Work vehicles and road safety

If you have a fleet of work vehicles, their safety on the road is a prominent concern. Visibility on the street is one of the most important considerations. While we have plenty of hi-vis wear options for people, the same cannot be said for the vehicles that they arrive in. What can be done to ensure that there is plenty of notice to other road users? Naturally, vans are uniformly white, but it can become hard to spot them when they start to have company decals added. The real worry is that an incident may happen if the vehicles are not clearly marked. This can result in unwanted legal action.

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There are several ways that a van or industrial vehicle can be easily recognised on the road and subsequently avoided. The first is to leave the units hazards on. This might drain the battery, but it does provide a fair warning to other road users and pedestrians. A reversing warning light and sound are also recommended.

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However, one of the cheapest and most effective methods is giving the vehicle its own kind of hi-vis jacket. This involves adding Chapter 8 Chevrons. These are striped verticle triangles that go on the rear or the sides of a van and work vehicle. They are fluorescent, so they immediately show up under torch, bike or car lights. The best ones to use are They have a whole range to choose from.

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