When you can’t get the Van that you want make it yourself

It’s quite remarkable what you can do with the interior of a van when you put your mind to it. If you have a van, then it’s very likely that you are concerned about its condition. Yes, you’ll make sure its serviced and MOT of course but what about protecting its interior. You might not have to go as far as the couple that we are going to look at did but it might be an idea to consider Van Lining the van to give you a robust interior. It will protect the Vans interiors and help to keep its value. The value of the one we’re going to see now is already pretty much increased though you don’t need to go this far!

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The Family in question had a problem. They wanted to go camping and use a camper van but there was nothing on the market that they really liked or that fitted into the specifications that they required. It was then that the dad hit upon and idea which surprisingly his wife agreed to. He decided to buy an old clapped out Mercedes Sprinter and turn it into the dream camper van they wanted by having Van Lining and other bits done to it. After seeing such shows as Pimp my ride where old bangers are transformed into road beasts it seemed like there wasn’t any reason to not do the same with here.

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The space in the back of Sprinter is pretty huge cavernous more so than an actual camper van. The family were after some pretty specific things that they wanted like a kitchen and bunk bed. The van also afforded them the chance to build in a dining room as well. One of the advantages of a ply lining is that it acts as a soundproofing and this was the same thing for the family to start with. The Van was quite cheap which meant that the money saved form buying a larger camper could be sued for the retro fitting. It also meant that the Family did not need to go down the whole leasing or loan route to buy a new one. This is now there’s until they decided to sell it on and looking at the interior it would not take long as they have done a fantastic job of it. The Family claim that the Van is better than their actual house!

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