What Makes a Good Manager?

We have probably all had a bad manager, or seen the TV show The Office – David Brent and Michael Scott are certainly examples of how not to be a manager! But what makes a good manager? Here are a few tips on how best to manage a team…

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Appreciate the Employees – As a manager it is really important to make the whole team feel that they are appreciated. This can range from a compliment on someone’s work, to a bag of doughnuts, to a staff meal out – when employees feel appreciated, they will go the extra mile.

Do not use Fear – A manager who uses fear to try to motivate employees will never be successful. A good manager trusts their employees and doesn’t have them running scared. You will notice a very high staff turnover if employees are frightened at work to approach their manager for any reason.

Keep the Team Motivated – Morale building days, encouraging employees to voice their opinions and hiring a motivational speaker are all ways that a good manager keeps the workforce motivated. Keeping up the positive team energy is crucial in the running of a successful business, so it is important to always try to keep people motivated in their roles.

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Notice Potential – Spotting potential in team members is important. If someone would be great for a task, it is down to the manager to spot this, and it boosts people’s morale to work in a place where their ideas and hard work are encouraged.

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