What is meant by Fluid power?

We’ve been using the power of fluid for hundreds of years.  Simply put, Fluid power relates to the use of hydraulics and pneumatics. These technologies use the juice, either in a liquid or gaseous form, to transfer power from one place to another. The two are easy to identify; Hydraulics refer to the liquid form of energy and pneumatics to the gases. Fluid Power comes as standard by suppliers like dana-sac.co.uk/fluid-power/

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Hydraulics and Pneumatics are both examples of power transference. What this relates to is the conversion of power into something that can be used. For example, hydraulics and pneumatics distribute that power to where it is wanted. They join the ranks of other power transmission providers like mechanical, electrical sources.

Just one of these systems is not always enough to complete a job that needs doing. They are not “in competition” with each other but actually work together to provide a good solution. Fluid power does score over the others in certain particular respects.

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Hydraulics and pneumatics use a more direct method; the mechanical and electrical devices have to use a machine to transfer the power. We call this a linear application of force as opposed to a rotational.

Not only is fluid power more direct, but it can also be made to fit in small places and use less energy to complete its task. Plus, they are the safer option as well.

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