Useful safety tips for trade companies and their vans

You must protect your van from thieves by keeping it safe and secure. This is particularly important for those working in trade businesses such as electricians and plumbers as their vans carry their workers and their equipment from job to job.

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Follow these safety tips to ensure your van is safe and secure.

1. Make sure you understand the safety features of your van

Standard equipment for your van includes ABS and stability control. Airbags are also included. These safety features save 44,869 road deaths each year.

These vans are also equipped with advanced safety features, such as adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist and auto city breaking.

Many vehicle owners do not know how safety features work, even though they are important to keep themselves and other road users safer. You should read the manual of your van and become familiar with its safety features. For Used Vans for sale Bristol, go to

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  1. What is the maximum weight your van can carry?

No matter how your van is arranged, or what the load is, it must be loaded correctly to ensure it’s safe for you to drive.

The maximum weight that your van can carry is shown on the VIN plate (Vehicle Identification Number). This is the maximum amount of weight you can transport, including any passengers, the driver and fuel.

  1. Securing the Load

To ensure your safety, you must secure everything you have in your van.

Many vans today have lashing eyes located at hard points in the floor of the cargo area. The best way to secure the load in the rear of the van is by using ratchet straps, as they are more effective than rope. Upgrade your van’s interior by installing a speedliner. This will protect it from damage caused by the load you carry.

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