Songs dedicated to the digital age

We all increasingly live in a digital world so it’s not surprising that musicians should feel inspired to write and sing about technology and the internet. Here are some tunes that are inspired by the digital era:

Home Computer – Kraftwerk

There was a time when having a computer at home was uncommon and something of an exception. Today, though, we have computers everywhere. Our laptops and PCs, in our mobile phones and numerous gadgets throughout the home. With so much internet accessibility, there is a huge audience just waiting to see your website!

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21st Century Digital Boy – Bad Religion

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Computer Age – Neil Young

We are spending increasing amounts of time connected to the internet, even when we don’t realise it. For example, the internet of things. Even our homes are becoming connected, as well as our cars and maybe even our bodies in the future!

Virtual Insanity – Jamiroquai

Jamiroquai warned us of the dangers of slipping into an unreal virtual existence. We are not quite there yet but who knows what the future holds? Virtual reality is already being used for many applications, including military and medical.

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Online – Brad Paisley

As we spend more time online, it pays to stay safe and understand the importance of cyber security.

Gabriel Montgomery

Gabriel Montgomery

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