Four more things that people don’t understand about SEO

Misconceptions about search engine optimisation (SEO) are rife, many of which are perpetuated by inexperienced practitioners who haven’t fully grasped the fundamentals of successful optimisation.

Here are a few more SEO mistakes repeated frequently across the digital landscape.
things that people don’t understand about SEO

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SEO is too technically difficult to fully understand

Although SEO does have many technical components that might initially seem impermeable, it is possible to learn the basics of things like canonical tags and robots.txt file editing in just a few hours, even without any prior coding experience. As long as you bring dedication and perseverance to the table, picking up SEO skills is not an impossibility.

SEO is a piece of cake

Can anyone start practicing SEO with no experience? No. You can certainly pick up many optimisation concepts in a single afternoon, however, you won’t be able to cover every strategic direction or memorise every variable immediately.

SEO is something that takes years of practice to master. Professional teams, such as the one that can be found here, have spent years honing their craft and must consistently keep up with industry developments to ensure their continued effectiveness and relevance.

things that people don’t understand about SEO

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All SEO processes are identical

SEO is both a science and an art, which means that it is essentially impossible to utilise the same strategy for different clients and/or campaigns and expect identical results. Different clients will always require bespoke strategies, methods of execution, and varying levels of investment to secure comparable results, which is why the finest SEO services in London always provide tailored advice and solutions to each of their clients on an individual basis.

All link building is spammy

Link building certainly can be spammy, but it shouldn’t be if you know what you’re doing. Poor execution and a distinct lack of strategic planning will never yield great results because valuable link building simply isn’t about securing links on as many off-site web pages as you possibly can.

Instead, as this MOZ guide illustrates, good link building focuses on the creation of meaningful content, the inclusion of informative and natural links within content to boost your search visibility and adding genuine value to the web for your audience.

There’s a lot to learn but with plenty of time in which to learn it, know that SEO is both a powerful tool and a rewarding challenge.

Gabriel Montgomery

Gabriel Montgomery

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