Boiler Problems and Replacing an Old Boiler

Boilers make sure that our home is warm and also provide us with a supply of hot water. However, when a boiler goes wrong, it can be a serious health risk or at least an inconvenience. The most clear sign to most people that there is a problem with the boiler is having no heating or hot water. However, if you get your boiler serviced regularly by a professional like this Evesham boilers company, they will be able to spot potential issues before they break altogether, so you won’t have to worry about something suddenly breaking down.

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Being aware of your boiler and knowing the signs to look out for means that you can alert a heating engineer as soon as you notice something wrong, which is better than waiting until it all breaks down. As well as the loss of heat and hot water, other things to look out for that may indicate a problem with the boiler include:

Strange noises such as whistling or banging

A change in colour of the pilot light (it is normally blue, but if it is orange or yellow then it is a problem and needs a gas engineer to take a look)

Error code on the boiler

Water leaking from the pipes

If you have an older boiler, it may be the case that it is necessary to replace it if you are having a lot of things go wrong. In the long run, making lots of repairs to an older boiler can be more costly than replacing it with a new one. As well as this, modern boilers are both more economical to run and also tend to have more safety features so you will have greater peace of mind that your home and family are safe.

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Installing a new boiler can take some time, as the heating engineer will need to check everything thoroughly to ensure that it is all working properly, take out your old boiler and then do a handover with you to walk you through how it all works and how to operate the new boiler. Once this is done, your boiler will be registered so that your guarantee will be valid, in case you have a problem with it in the future.

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