Before you go on holiday, there are some things to do

It’s exciting to go on holiday, as it allows you to escape for a few days and relax. Before we leave though, there are always a thousand and one things that need to be organised. This stress before a break can ruin the experience. This handy checklist will help you to feel relaxed and keep your head clear before you leave.

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  1. Check your passport

You should do it sooner than later if you have to search for your passport or dust off its cover. It’s a nightmare to discover that your passport has expired two years ago. It’s best to get your passport out at least a few months before you travel so that you can renew it if needed. If you decide to fly with a very short validity date, you may not be allowed into some countries if your passport expires within 6 months. Turkey, Kenya and UAE are among these countries. If you’re dreaming of sun, sea and sand, then you can’t go wrong with Turkey and Holiday Villas in Kas. Find out more about Holiday Villas in Kas by visiting a site like Kas4Villas Rentals.

  1. Do you have all your documents together?

Make sure you do your homework well in advance, including the need for hotel confirmations and boarding passes, as well as visa requirements. Put them in a plastic bag and include your passport number and important contact numbers in case you misplace it.

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3.Luggage allowances

You’ll be glad you checked this when you don’t have to pay for extra luggage at the airport. Pre-book your extra luggage online if you need it.

  1. Pet care

Book your beloved furry friends into their boarding locations as far in advance as possible as these facilities get booked up very quickly during holiday season.

  1. Home Security

A perfect holiday should not end in returning home and finding your home broken into. Before leaving, always do a walk around to ensure that all windows and doors have been locked and that any deliveries such as milk or newspaper have been cancelled. Ask a neighbour or friend to check the property regularly. Set up lighting timers and avoid leaving obvious signs of an empty house.

  1. Parking and traffic

Check the radio before you leave and while driving to ensure that you have enough time to get to the airport. Online bookings of parking spaces for long-term stays will offer the best prices.

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