Tasks you might want your receptionist to do

Receptionists are incredibly important members of any business. They are often the first person that a visitor comes into contact with then they go to a workplace and in some cases may also be the person that they speak to on the phone. In order to make the most out of the experience and the skills that your receptionist has here are some tasks that you might want them to do.

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Greeting – the most obvious one is to have your receptionist as the first point of contact for anyone who comes into your building. But you can also use them to answer telephones and to reply to general email enquiries. This of course will depend on how business your reception desk is. For most businesses the receptionist can take on most of these greeting tasks on a day to day basis.

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Post – if you have parcels and post coming and going from your business the receptionist is the best person to deal with this. They can take the parcels that arrive from a Same Day Courier like https://uk-tdl.com/ and arrange for these to be given to the relevant staff member. They can also be responsible for franking any mail that is due to be collected for delivery.

Meeting Rooms – if you have meeting rooms that are used a receptionist can help to manage this for you. This will downed in where you meeting rooms are located and whether the receptionist can help show people to these rooms when they arrive.

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