Surviving the Office Christmas Party

Office Christmas party season is in full swing, and companies all over the country will be preparing for the night of the year when everyone lets their hair down, forgets about work and has a good time! Of course, the office Christmas party is supposed to be fun, but there are a few things to remember if you want it to go as well as it should do, as many people often wake up with a sore head and deep regrets after a night out with their colleagues – and the boss!

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If you are new to the job it can be intimidating attending your first Christmas party at your new company. It is a good idea to ask around other staff members if you are not sure of anything. For example, if you are not sure of the dress code or the time it is a good idea to check in advance, then it will give you plenty of time to get yourself sorted, whether you need to buy some new Farah shirts from EJ Menswear, or book a taxi to the event, it is best to have everything sorted in good time so you can arrive as relaxed as possible.

Another thing to watch out for is alcohol! Work Christmas parties are notorious for often involving huge amounts of the stuff – which can cause no end of problems, and even results in some people losing their job! Knowing your limits is important and try to have a set amount that you will drink and stick to it. This can be difficult, but a lot of people end up drinking far too much, making a fool of themselves and being worried to go back into the office the next working day! Getting drunk on a night out with friends is one thing but doing it in front of your boss is another!

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Remember, even though it is a party, you will still be expected to behave professionally. Many people make the mistake of thinking once everyone is out of the office, they can say and do anything they like, but people will still be judging your behaviour and any unprofessional behaviour will be frowned on. Office romances often start at Christmas parties, and this could end up being a problem for both or one of the couple should they break up and have to continue to work together. So, try to behave as you would at work, and don’t go rushing into anything just because it is a party.

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