The 7 best strategies in social networks for entrepreneurs

social networks for entrepreneurs

If you just started a new venture, you need a speaker to tell the world about your project. And that speaker is social networks for entrepreneurs. But, keep an eye! Misuse of them can become a handicap for you.

The entrepreneur lives a complicated situation at the moment in which it starts.

I will be clear, undertaking is not easy. It is very fun and motivating to see the best entrepreneurs billing a large amount of money that gives them to live what they want.

However, the doubts begin to emerge when you start your career in the world of the entrepreneur …

How can I start to set up my business or project? Which is the first step? Who am I addressing?

Questions that, well answered, can be a turning point in success.

If you feel identified with the following situations, you can already consider yourself a true entrepreneur …

  • You have a lack of time: you want to monopolize so many things that you leave half by half.
  • You need a team because you cannot take everything by yourself. You are one of those who think that union is strength.
  • Who knows you? How to show the world your project? You need a SPEAKER!

And that speaker, dear reader and future entrepreneur, can be social networks.

In this post I want to show you how social networks will become your best ally to take the first steps in your project and create your brand image, which is essential for success. Are you coming?

How to manage social networks effectively?

The most important thing is that you establish a social media strategy that enhances your image that makes you succeed and stays on top. For this, you need the best tools, Iron Man was not going to be a superhero with a knife and three batteries, that’s more than MacGyver.

Today I present the way to control everything you need in terms of your social profiles. Do not leave anything to chance that, believe me, is not usually a good idea. And make a good plan.

We can find many tools to help us in this process. These online platforms for managing social networks will allow you to create ideal strategies while boosting your brand image.

Keep reading, do not let us tell you everything in the first paragraph!

social networks for entrepreneurs

1. Know your audience

Nobody better than you knows your audience. It is essential to be clear about who we are going to address and the way we are going to do it.

It is also important to know that more than 80% of people trust well-known people when making the purchase of a product or service.

This indicates that it is essential to know how to approach this audience through social networks.

2. It shows a consistent image

It is necessary that we give the same image in the different networks. That is, showing the image we want to represent us and, mainly, that your audience remembers.

This we can detail a little more:

Offers a similar image on social networks and web

This starts with the name of the profile, image, content you use and the way you express yourself in the different platforms.

Offering your audience a similar image is the best way to create your brand. Now that you are starting this is a priority.

Speak to your audience in the same way on social networks and on your website

Although we modify how to address our audience depending on the target of each platform, it is recommended that we use a similar style. That is recognizable in any platform.

If you are the image of the company and you used social networks personally, it’s time to change that

Evolve towards a more serious profile (you do not have to eliminate everything that means hobby or family, because we all have a private life), or create new profiles with a professional image and leave the current ones to continue as you were using them.

If your profiles had all nicknames, and not your real name, you’re in luck. It’s time to create profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube with a new and different aspect.

One of your fundamental pillars will be to create an editorial calendar.

We must have a calendar with a diversity of topics. Ideally, have six months and at least three.

3. Make each social network something different

As they say, the one that covers a lot of little squeezes.

It is much better that we focus on a couple of social networks , publishing constantly and with quality content, that open a profile on each of the platforms and publish sporadically and with articles of little importance.

Social networks allow us a versatility that we will never be able to achieve with our website or blog.

That is why we have to take advantage of this advantage and adapt to each profile to share exclusive content in each of our social networks.

Something we have to take into account is that social networks have to be something more than a speaker of what we publish on our website.

Mainly for three reasons …

  • The first reason is related to effectiveness, because you would make very few publications.
  • Second reason is because they are a perfect channel to attract new followers.
  • And, finally, social networks are quite ephemeral media, so a low number of publications, will give us a very limited visibility.

4. Change perspective when telling stories

Do not always treat the topics from the same point of view. Try to offer different perspectives and combine the issues you control with different tools, procedures and strategies.

If you always write about the same and in the same way you will bore your audience.

You will pigeonhole yourself as a person who offers knowledge and you will become impoverished as a researcher. In addition, you end up damaging your own content, something that will severely penalize your search engine positioning.

This aspect is important, because you should look for the tickling of your audience. Of course, without reaching the strict sense of the phrase, it is better “to speak badly, but to speak.” A profile that does not generate interaction is a dead profile.

We have to transform ourselves into a storyteller so that what we count stays in the brain of our audience. And that you have to practice if you do not have it naturally. You can train like in anything else. Test!

5. In good publications is the key

This is a basic advice, but you should keep in mind that sometimes big companies do not meet it.

Each social network has its own formats for the images. If you decide to create a publication with an image and a link, keep in mind what is the format and size that is best in each one. The same if it is a video.

On Facebook, YouTube videos do not fit if you put the URL directly. In addition, it does not usually “like” this social network.

And, another reason, is that by uploading it from your file you can see the number of reproductions it has had. Download the file and upload it from your computer.

Both on Facebook and LinkedIn, if you simply post a link to an article on your blog (or another page where you have read something interesting that you want your contacts to read), you should wait a while the page loads the previous image of that link.

It will appear as “shows” a small box with an image and the first words of the text of that article. Then, you must delete the link to offer a cleaner and more professional aspect in the publication.

Take your professional profiles as if they were your house: order and leave clean as if it were. It is your appearance facing your audience.

6. Plan in social networks

Having your profiles active and with good content is a “must” in your brand objective. As a good entrepreneur, you will know that being aware of publications usually takes longer than expected.

We understand it, you have seen yourself in a hurry to continue with other tasks while you think about what to put today in your profiles. Do not be overwhelmed, here everything has a solution.

It’s about programming your content, and you can do it in a very simple way. Let’s go to the mess!

  • Choose your networks well. We do not want you to confuse and publish what is going on Twitter with what goes on Facebook, the penalties are 240 characters!
  • Write the post with which you will succeed. Here your creativity comes into play. Give the coconut and get the best out of you to have more interactions.
  • Add multimedia content Photos or videos, always what the social network that you are going to use allows.

You’ve seen? Now you can put yourself with other things. Simply from the beginning of the day, program your publications and keep working.

7. Let’s look at the best, relate and collaborate with them

The influencers are those persons having authority in a particular field and we can provide advertising. In our relations with them we must go step by step, sticking to their area of interest.

Therefore, know them! Make a list with the influencers of your sector. Follow them in the networks. Visit their blogs. Investigate about your work. Stay with what you like most. Let him know. Make comments on their blogs. Follow them on Twitter. Send them emails.

And ask them to connect on LinkedIn once you have complied with one or more of the previous steps. Little by little, when you feel empowered, share things with them.

Do not stay in the virtual world. Go to acts in which they intervene. Promote those events with your contacts. Talk with them. And it offers a professional image (professional does not mean being too serious).

Exchange opinions, listen and let yourself be known. Always try to control not being heavy, looking for a business relationship, learning from them or putting their advice on influencer marketing into practice.

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