Skills for working as a lab technician

What are the skills required to be a Lab technician? These are the people that ensure science gets done in the lab. Thety are the people in the background ensureign that all the Lab jobs are completed and done to the correct standard. Here are some of the skills that a Lab technician requires. It is not an exhaustive list by any means.

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  1. The ability to understand data. The role of the Lab technician is that of th ediagnostic checker. They are the person that checks the findings and the results. Whist the main theoising is done by the Scientist it is the lab technician who wil hlpe them prove it.
  2. Practical skills. The Lab technician is the “doer”. They will be the person who does the dissection. They will spend the time watching and recording the data from petri dishes and agar plates. Measuring and pipetting are also in their remit.
  3. Organising time. The Lab technician has to be the person who makes sure that things happen on time and in the right order. They are the ones who are ready to provide the timescales that are needed to ensure that tests and results are properly scheduled.

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When the time comes to move the Lab they will be the ones working closely with the Lab Relocation Services. Aport Global are on hand to communicate (another vital skill of the Lab technician) to ensure that the Lab is moved to promptly and correctly.

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