Saving money on fuel costs

With the cost of petrol and diesel rising, nobody wants to pay more than they have to. So, how can motorists save money on the fuel they need? Thankfully, there are tips we can incorporate into our driving habits to help our vehicles be more fuel efficient:

  1. Ensure tyres are properly inflated

Driving with under-inflated tyres can waste fuel. Kwik Fit researched this and concluded that UK drivers are wasting £1 billion per year on wasted fuel from driving with under inflated tyres! Properly inflated tyres are safer and improve a vehicle’s fuel consumption by 2%.

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  1. Lose some weight

The heavier the vehicle, the more fuel it will consume so think about any excess weight you might be carrying. Remove items from the boot and be aware that roof racks can add as much as 10% to your fuel costs. For fleet managers, consider saving with Fuel Cards. Click here to find out more

  1. Avoid automatic transmission

Driving an automatic can use between 10 to 15% more fuel than a manual vehicle. If you want your fuel to last longer than be aware of the impact of the transmission type on fuel efficiency.

  1. Sensible driving

The way we drive can impact our fuel consumption. Try to avoid sudden braking, acceleration and then sudden braking again. Try to maintain a steady speed and avoid driving too close to the car in front so that you can maintain steady braking and not a hard one.

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  1. Avoid engine running

If it’s safe to do so, consider turning the engine off when parked or sitting in traffic. Engine idling or ‘warming up’ before driving leads to fuel wastage.

Gabriel Montgomery

Gabriel Montgomery

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