Invest in Rural Real Estate in Missouri

Missouri is known as the “Show Me State,” and it can show you some beautiful sites. The state is landlocked and has eight neighboring states. The weather is filled with hot and humid summers and cold and snowy winters. All four of the seasons can be realized in Missouri. The state’s urban areas are St. Louis, Columbia, Springfield and Kansas City. The state is named for the Missouri River. The Missouri River was named after the indigenous Missouri Indians, a Siouan-language tribe.

Present day, Missouri has a population of over five million people. The major industries for Missouri are health care, retail, agriculture, social assistance, and bio-science.

Some attractions that many come to see are the St. Louis Zoo and Branson, which is located in the Ozarks. Branson is a family-friendly place to go, known for its country music concerts.

Because of so many beautiful places that the USA has to offer, it is time to start owning and investing in a piece of America. Missouri is a good place to start.

There is land for sale in Missouri. Take the time to research the choices and what will fit for your budget. Think about how you will make money from buying the land. There are many factors to consider when buying land, but it is always a sound investment. Rural real estate has many uses for investment purposes.

Why Invest in Rural Real Estate

Rural real estate is usually cheaper than in urban areas. The cash flow can be excellent and cash flow is more important than what the price of the property costs.

When buying rural real estate, it is easier to start. In urban areas, the major roadblock is usually the lack of cash. Rural properties tend to be cheaper. There is also less competition for rural real estate. There is plenty of property available. There is property available because of the age of the area. Younger people have flocked to the urban and city areas, whereas the older population has stayed in rural areas. The older population is passing on or moving in with their children, or to assisted living facilities. If their children inherit the land, they most likely will not take it up and would prefer to have the cash from selling it.

When buying rural land, you will also be contributing to the area. Small and large investments in rural areas mean more opportunities for those living there.

Uses for Rural Real Estate

Investing in rural real estate in Missouri means that you can use it for row crop farming or for livestock operations. You could also enjoy having a home to generate income. The scale of the livestock and farming is something to consider, but something that can be done.

The demand for single-family residential properties is high. People are having children and will need space for these growing families. Developments for multi-families happen all the time in order to meet the need. There are families who would rather live in a rural area. Housing would be a win-win solution. This type of development is not always done, but it is a need. Vacancy rates for such an investment will be very low. The need for families to be in affordable and attractive housing is high.

Look for rural areas just outside of a major city. Most likely there will be an expansion at some point and you will be in place to cash in. Since St. Louis would not be too far, there are plenty of things to see and do there. Check out the Gateway Arch and Museum. Then head on over to the Missouri Botanical Gardens. There are many museums to see. Visit Cahokia Mounds, a site of Native American ruins and monuments. You will find some great eating places also.

Investing in rural real estate in Missouri is a good and sound investment. Researching what your budget can withstand is key in order to move forward. Consulting with your financial advisor and a real estate agent are also a necessary part of the research process. Consider adding rural real estate opportunities in Missouri to your land portfolio.


Gabriel Montgomery

Gabriel Montgomery

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