Interesting Gifts to Give Corporate Customers

Deciding what types of gifts to give to a selection of corporate customers is difficult. You don’t always know them individually that well and so it’s hard to hit the right tone with a gift. While it’s a good idea to include the company’s logo, you don’t want it to just seem like another advertising opportunity. The right balance has to be found.

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Here are three interesting gift giving ideas for corporate customers.

Custom Coffee Mugs

A custom coffee mug makes for an excellent Christmas gift for corporate customers. It can be chosen based on a color scheme and you can choose from a wide variety of designs. Quality wholesale coffee mugs will ensure years of happy use.

Coffee mugs can be selected by their ounces to pick the size of mug that is preferred. Designs can be elaborate and feature something related to your business or be entirely abstract. It can also be themed complete with the appearance of snow and ice at the top of the mug to give it a Christmassy look and feel too.

Choosing Something Personal to the Customer

When you’re wanting to buy a personal corporate gift for a special customer, you’ll need to get your thinking cap on. Only certain gifts will be suitable for them. If you have spent a reasonable amount of time with them in the course of doing business, perhaps you’ve picked up on some of their hobbies, interests and personal preferences? If so, then that makes life much easier to choose a gift that is thoughtful enough to reference while still having the company logo on it.

For instance, if they’re an avid golfer, then having some gloves, a golfer’s cap or some golf balls produced with the company’s brand or logo is nice touch. Similarly, if they’re interested in a certain novelist, then getting an autographed edition of their latest release might hold some appeal to a real bookworm who still likes the smell and feel of a real book over an e-reader.

Bottle Stopper for Corporate Entertaining

A glass bottle stopper is a useful replacement for a wine bottle’s cork once the bottle has been opened. With corporate entertaining at home or in the office, corporate customers are sure to crack open a bottle of red or white to impress the visitor. The beauty is in the details: A rubber stopper for durable stopping power doesn’t lose a drop of wine while it has a stainless-steel base.

A crystal stopper is a standout option because it has a classic look and can have a custom design on the stopper itself. Whether this is the corporate logo, something Christmas themed or relating to their love of wine, it’s certainly a gift that won’t be forgotten for a long time. In fact, every time they use it with an opened bottle, it’s likely to be a good conversation starter in its own right.

Whatever you decide to do, choose carefully. Unless the gift is chosen for a single customer, it needs to be something that will please a wide variety of corporate customers.

Gabriel Montgomery

Gabriel Montgomery

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