How to take your knitting to the next level

If you have mastered the basics of knitting and know your casting from your binding off, you may be looking to take it to the next level. Let’s look at some hints and tips for improving your knitting skills and a few ideas for next-level projects.

Top tips to improve your knitting

1. Don’t be afraid to start again

Don’t let a mistake knock your confidence. One of the great joys of knitting is the ability to unravel your project and start again. If a project is not coming together, don’t beat yourself up; instead, simply start over.

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2. Look out for tools to help you

As you develop your skills, you might want to consider utilising handy knitting tools. A stitch marker, for example, can help you to mark when a pattern increases, decreases, or repeats. This leaves you free to concentrate on your stitches as you tackle more complex patterns.

3. Make notes

Keeping a jotter close by is a handy way to make notes on your latest project. You can write down which row you are on between knitting sessions and any changes you make to patterns

4. Join a group

Knitting has lots of benefits, both for our physical and mental health. A recent study concluded that crafting can have a positive impact on reducing stress and boosting heart health. It is also a brilliant social activity. Meeting up with other knitters is a good way to enhance your skills and troubleshoot any technical issues.

5. Get to grips with knitting patterns

The language of knitting can be complex, so spending time learning the language of purls and rows will be well spent.

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Intermediate knitting techniques and projects

In no time at all, you will be able to move on to more advanced patterns and projects, such as lace, Fair Isle, intarsia, or even making mens Aran cardigans. If the latter sounds too ambitious, you can buy one from stores such as

We hope these tips help you out and set you on your way to becoming a knitting expert.

Thomas Taylor

Thomas Taylor

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