How to foster collaboration in the workplace

Teamwork at its best should be the coming together of individual talents to achieve a common goal. We see it with the A Team, The Avengers and the X-Men, but how do we achieve it in the real world of work? Collaboration is the ‘it’ word in corporate circles at the moment. The theory goes that when employees have the freedom to collaborate, they excel, achieve greater job satisfaction and the customer reaps the rewards. Here are some ways you can begin to foster an environment of collaboration in your workplace:

  1. Clearly communicate company expectations

Make it known that collaboration is the minimum standard required. Clearly define different roles and responsibilities inside the team so that each member clearly understands their role and requirements. Each employee should know that they are equally accountable for a good outcome and customer satisfaction.

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  1. Have team goals

If nobody knows what they’re working towards, there can be confusion and a lack of motivation. Set clear, measurable goals for every quarter that can be re-evaluated if required. This keeps individuals focused, working towards the same goal and improves accountability and transparency.

  1. Develop a creative atmosphere

All team members should feel free to question processes and brainstorm in a supportive atmosphere. A ‘can do’ attitude is important, as is an environment where personal development and leadership training is encouraged. Inspire people to be the best that they can be.

  1. Encourage cohesion

As much as you can, involve everyone in big decisions. Encourage communication of work flows to avoid duplicated efforts and have team huddles daily to each member knows what everyone is seeking to achieve that day. This should also improve productivity.

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  1. Get to know each other

A team consists of different personalities, skill sets and dynamics. If you think your team could benefit from understanding each other better, why not consider a team bonding activity. These can be invaluable for discovering hidden talents, bringing strengths to the fore and encouraging collaboration in a different and fresh environment. A perfect example is a Tank Driving Experience with Armourgeddon Tank Driving Days

  1. Play to individual strengths

When you know an individual’s strength, you can position them within the team and assign tasks that play to these strengths. This improves success rates and fosters a positive can-do attitude towards team accomplishments.

Collaboration is a mindset that must have purpose and be consistent to give it the best chance of being a success. An exceptional individual on their own can only go so far, but a team of exceptional individuals collaborating as one, can do amazing things!


Gabriel Montgomery

Gabriel Montgomery

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