Five ways to increase catering fridge efficiency

A fridge is a crucial business tool in the restaurant and catering industry. These five tips will help you to improve its efficiency, ensure your food stays fresh for longer, and make sure your operations all run smoothly.

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The position of your catering fridge is crucial. It needs to be placed in the correct position so that it runs at optimal efficiency. If you place it near stoves or cookers, it will have to work harder to keep temperatures down and maintain cooling. Heat can damage a fridge and can shorten its lifespan, so try to put yours in the coolest place possible.


Keeping doors closed as much as possible also ensures that temperatures do not fluctuate too much, meaning that the fridge does not constantly have to work hard to retain its set temperature. Not leaving the doors open is an excellent habit to get into, as it also reduces electricity consumption and thus cuts costs. Leaving the doors open unnecessary should always be avoided.

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Food waste is a huge issue. If the temperature of your fridge fluctuates too dramatically or is not cold enough, food spoils fast and will need to be thrown away. Regularly check the temperature of your fridge – if it is not cold enough, you may need a replacement from a specialist such as


Defrosting your fridge on a regular basis is essential. Without defrosting, ice can build up and cause a loss of efficiency, which can lead to consuming more electricity. When you defrost the fridge, you should clean it out completely – this is a great habit to get in to. A general rule is to defrost every two months, but you can do this more often if desired or necessary. Older fridges tend to ice up faster.


The area in which your fridge is located should be well ventilated and not damp or too hot. If your fridge is sitting in damp conditions, it may get damaged more easily and can become a safety issue. Humidity can also thrive in damp environments, as can bacteria, so it is best to keep your fridge in an area that is well ventilated and dry. This will also prolong your fridge’s lifespan and ensure it performs at its optimum.


Gabriel Montgomery

Gabriel Montgomery

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