Communication solutions for garage workspaces

If you have recently set up a garden office of perhaps converted your garage into a workspace with the help of some great Garage Shelving from a company such as and are looking for a way in which to communicate with your customers and suppliers a VOIP may be the best option for you. Here are some of the reasons why VOIP is the way forwards for all businesses.

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1. Cost-Effective

Cost savings are yours for the taking if you switch to VoIP, especially compared to using traditional communication systems. With more providers entering the market, and technology rapidly advancing, prices are likely to get even more competitive over time. According to Street Directory with VoIP, companies can get a new system without having to pay for expensive new equipment.

2. Simple Installation

At its very basic level, all you need to get started with VoIP is a broadband connection, IP phone and a router. This makes installation quick and easy. This is especially ideal for companies that are short of space and don’t want to fill their office with hardware.

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3. A Wide Range of Features

What makes VoIP so alluring is that it offers a variety of features that enhance your telecommunications. These include call forwarding, call waiting and caller ID. You can also get your voicemails transcribed into emails and send pictures or documents as you speak. Think about what features are relevant to you, and discuss options with an expert wholesale VoIP termination provider.

4. Supports Remote Working

You can use VoIP wherever you have an internet connection, so this makes it a flexible and portable system that suits working on the go. With more people choosing to work from home or other locations outside the office, VoIP works well with this arrangement. This means that no matter where you are you shouldn’t have to miss a call just because you’re away from the office. In particular, for sole traders or small businesses who can’t afford to employ a telephonist, this makes for an affordable and convenient solution.

5. Ideal for International Businesses

If you communicate with clients or colleagues overseas, it can be expensive to make calls using traditional systems. However, with VoIP, making calls abroad is easy and cost-effective, and if you choose a good-quality provider, there should be no concerns with regards to call quality. In some cases, if you make frequent calls to a particular region overseas, you might be able to get a fixed-price package with unlimited calls to that area, further enhancing the cost benefits.

Once you have your VOIP system installed you will be able to work both effectively and efficiently in your converted garage space and grow our own little empire.


Gabriel Montgomery

Gabriel Montgomery

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