How to organize a corporate event? Tips, budgets and best practices

corporate event

The corporate event – like the trade shows – are an important calling card for each type of enterprise: to have ideas, to stand out with originality resources and tools can do, in fact, very good for business. The return of image, often difficult to quantify, may be more relevant than immediate economic gain. But what are the tools to better plan a meeting? We provide you with some tricks and tips to organize a perfect business event.

What to do before the corporate event? The design

First of all it is necessary to fix the date of the event. This is a crucial moment as it is important to foresee any nearby holidays, holiday requests, absences or events already scheduled that attract a large audience by taking it from you.

This is also the phase in which to establish objectives, contents, targets and budgets available. They may seem trivial, but you need to fix them black and white to get a realistic view of what can be done according to your possibilities and resources.

Another aspect to consider is to choose the place in which to organize the event: in your company? In the congress hall of a hotel? In a restaurant? In a square? Or maybe in a park? When choosing the so-called location it is necessary to do a feasibility study and carefully evaluate elements such as the size of the spaces, the attractiveness of the place, the presence of architectural barriers, parking, adequate lighting, technologies (example: video projectors), with related costs of renting the place. In this design phase it is necessary to create the perfect context for the event and to make sure that everything is compliant and comfortable for the public.

corporate event

Among the preliminary activities mentioned above, it is important identify the target audience of the event that you want to propose. For an SME “stakeholders” could be many, it is always good to draw up a list that helps in choosing …

  • Customers, suppliers, partners, competitors;
  • Banks, creditors, investors, sponsors;
  • Public administrators or political groups;
  • Professional or trade associations;
  • Press, media, television, specialized websites;
  • Profit or non-profit associations and organizations;
  • Citizens of a certain place (state, city, country).

Indispensable, to better organize an event, is promotion. For internal business meetings or for small business meetings, you may need a paper invitation or a newsletter. For larger events, one could think of creating a real paid media campaign through social channels (for example: Facebook) online or paper newspapers, radio, TV, Internet sites, flyers and billboards of various kinds.

What to do during the corporate event?

During the meeting it is very important to manage contact with the participants and “take care” of them. Depending on the duration of the event, it is good to include moments of pause and small buffets, entertaining the guests in order to enhance the moments of conviviality. In addition, it may be useful to deliver promotional gadgets at the end of the event to increase the brand’s popularity and popularity. During the event, the digital tools could be useful to reinforce the link with the public: live video on Facebook or YouTube, short updates on the site, on Twitter, etc. Therefore it is good to foresee the presence of a photographer, a teleoperator, or a journalist for the amplification of the event on the new channels.

The omni rule to follow in the event of a business event must be that of forming and involving participants emotionally. It is for this reason that those involved in the organization must have a flexible mentality to manage any unexpected events. In cases where the event aims to strengthen the sense of belonging among employees – or what in the jargon is called team building – it is essential to transmit a positive image of the brand and offer a rewarding experience.

How to define the budget of a corporate event?

An important detail and not to be underestimated when organizing a corporate event is the budget. It is not a detail, we know it well – and it also inspires a certain fear – but it is necessary to know the enemy to face him at best. Defining the budget in a precise and timely manner is not a simple thing, considering also the fact that there are different types of events, all with their cost. The first thing to do is to calculate the income and expenses. Revenue refers to the contribution that sometimes can be received for the occasion, such as sponsors and trade associations that finance in the face of visibility. Sometimes with such income you can cover all costs and easily reach breakeven.

To get everything under control, let’s imagine the budget as a cake to divide into segments depending on all the items of expenditure to be incurred and, subsequently, assign a percentage of money for each category. For example: catering 15% of the budget, transport and logistics 5% of the budget, location 20% of the budget and so on, until reaching 100% of the budget. To avoid mistakes, it is possible to ask for help from the technology. In fact, there are many apps that help the entrepreneur in this difficult moment.

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