Making your Office Move go Well

Are you planning an office move? Maybe you have outgrown your current office, or it is not providing what you need any longer. If you have started to grow as a company and employ more staff, you may well be looking to move office. If you have found a place and decided to go for it you will be wanting to make your move as smooth as possible…

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Plan your move in good time. Let all the staff know as early as possible that you are going to be moving and let them know the date that you plan to be in the new office by. Let all of your customers and suppliers know too in good time, that you will be moving and send out an email letting them know you are moving, where to and when so that any correspondence doesn’t get lost in the post.

You will also need to let utilities providers and your phone and broadband company know, so that you can book yourself in to be re-connected as soon and as smoothly as possible – after all you, you don’t want to lose any business due to a phone that is not connected! Good planning will ensure that the move happens in a timely manner. Book someone to help you move such as Slough same day courier who can do all of the hard work for you so that your business can operate as smoothly as possible during the move.

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Before you move, it is a good time to have a clear out. Go through all of the files and clear out anything that you don’t need. Make sure that you get any paperwork that is confidential properly destroyed, with a certificate of destruction if possible. If you have furniture that you no longer need, make arrangements to have it removed before you go so you are not moving things that you don’t need. If you need more furniture for the new office, order it well in advance to be delivered the day that you move in so that you start off with everything that you need right from the start.

When you have moved in and settled you may want to consider having a casual moving in event, just to make sure that all staff are happy with the move and give a chance for anyone to air any views and opinions that will help going forward.

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