Is retail all about online only now?

The demise of the small, medium and large high street shop is being constantly examined at present. Changes to buying trends and ways of shopping have changed significantly over the last ten years. The recent pandemic of COVID 19 has shone an even greater spotlight on the high street than ever before. How can the shop survive if people are not even allowed to enter them in the first place?

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Go back some twenty years or so ago, and the shop in the centre of town was the place to go for everything from clothes, stationery, toys and or books and entertainment. With Supermarkets expanding into all of these areas, the first front against the high street was started. Then came the out of town retail parks with giant stores offering choices beyond the wildest dreams of the consumer, and it came with convenience. However, the final straw is now thought to be the internet. Large online-only retailers have cut their costs in terms of employment and business property rates (which provide councils with a tremendous amount of income).

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However, the charm of the shop and the event of shopping has remained in the consciousness of the British shopper. For many, it is a weekly event that is done as a family. Sadly this also means that retailers need to consider security measures in their shops. Security Seal providers like offer a perfect range to compliment the products that are on offer.

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