Companies in many industries find themselves in need of captive insurance

This includes businesses involved in construction, transportation, distribution and manufacturing, food and beverage production, retail, temp agencies, healthcare, hospitality, gas and oil well operations and services, and agri-business. These firms can choose from medical stop-loss, property, and micro captive groups.

Medical Stop Loss Captive Groups

Member-owned and -operated medical stop-loss captives deliver a one of a kind options for those firms that require medical stop-loss coverage of a self-insured nature. These groups provide flexible tailoring for particular health programs and benefits which can be designed according to each member’s needs. For example, members are able to: choose their own claims administrator, select the particular stop loss limit that is most appropriate to their own situation, keep the design of their present plan, offer the potential for dividends, and gain access to national, regional, or local PPO networks as best suits them.

Property Captive Groups

Some companies find themselves in the casualty group captives. These firms need depth of coverage that is competitively priced. They also need the ability to tap into the stable pricing and larger buying power of a bigger program that delivers insured amounts higher than $100 billion. Firms participating in the property captive groups also can gain possible dividends if they experience low losses. They are not assessed more if their losses are high.

Micro Captive Groups

Smaller companies are able to gain the benefits of larger captive insurance through the micro captives groups. They concentrate on delivering captive owners with management and control over more difficult to assign risks. They can also take advantage of the benefits of tax planning. This includes no taxes of current underwriting profits, optimal tax deductions, access to invested funds for buyouts and retirement purposes, and efficient tax transfers of wealth to heirs. These captives can be structured to match the unique particulars of the company.

The good news is that there are different types of captive insurance options available. Companies in the medical, casualty and micro captive industries can all find their best match. Even small operations can gain access to large company benefits through these captive groups.

Gabriel Montgomery

Gabriel Montgomery

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