Give Your Fuel Cards An Annual Check Up

Every year we give our vehicles an MOT, an annual check up to ensure our vehicles are safe and roadworthy. But do we give our fuel cards a yearly check up to see if we’re still getting the best value? Many users of fuel cards overlook checking their invoices and have no idea if they are still being charged the best rate. Could there be hidden fees and charges lurking on those invoices?

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When reviewing invoices, there are some important pieces of information to look for. This includes:

  • Checking for any hidden charges or fees that you don’t recognise or understand
  • Is the account easy to manage and access?
  • Is there information to help you identify which forecourts you can access?
  • Are you paying competitive and fair prices for the fuel?

Each business will have unique requirements, so it is worth using a fuel card selector tool to see which one would work best for your needs. Find out more about BP Fuel Card benefits at a site like

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Fuel cards are available to support any size of business or fleet, large or small. If you feel you aren’t getting the best value for money from your current provider, it is recommended to switch to a better deal. There are variable pricing options available to match fleet size and distance travelled, as well as vast networks of fuel stations across the UK with access to the finest quality fuel.

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