Getting that desk set up just right.

We spend so much time sat at a desk it can be a tiny bit soul destroying. It can also have a detrimental effect on the body and it is extremely and vitally important that your desk setup is designed around you and for you so that your posture and position is spot on. Let’s examine the basic facts we are all becoming used to the sedentary deskbound lifestyle and whilst it is contributing to making us unfit and overweight one thing that we can stop it from doing is making us get neck and back pains. What then can we do about this?

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First things first, it is a very good and helpful idea to think about what type of chair you are placing yourself in for the working day. Operator Chairs like those from are some of the best and perfectly placed to ensure that you are sitting very comfortabely at the desk and ready to be the productive unit that you know you can be.

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Ok, so the chair is good, we are very happy with the chair. It’s going to mean that your posture will be up right and that your arms are supported for when you need to type up that huge report for the Accurisation and fiscal procurement division  that they’ve been grisling for for the last 3 weeks. But now let us take a look at your desk. Just look at it. Do you really, really need all of the assorted parahenila on it? Is that stuffed bear really necessary, does that Christmas party snap of you and Justine from Accounts holding up a feather boa from 2016 really need to be there now, especially as she left to go and work for a construction firm and your only barely friends on Facebook now? Yes, it is the question of junk on the desk. Clutter is frowned upon by most firms and it could be the reason why that promotion you’ve been chasing has yet to come to fruition. “Well,” thinks your, Manager Mr Stephenson, “how can I possibly think about giving Roger more responsibility when his work space is awash with tea bags, pens and post it notes”. Ever heard that said? If it sounds like your desk it might be the reason why that much vaunted move to Accurisation and fiscal procurement that you want is still not a realisation.

So have a look and have a think. There are plenty of bins just waiting for all that rubbish.

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