How To Ask Landlord To Renew Lease

how to ask landlord to renew lease

As a tenant, it’s natural to want to stay in a rental property that you love and have made your home. If your lease is coming to an end and you want to continue renting the property, you’ll need to ask your landlord to renew the lease. In this article, we’ll provide a step-by-step guide on how to ask your landlord to renew your lease, as well as answer some frequently asked questions about this process.

How to Ask Your Landlord to Renew Your Lease:

Determine when you need to renew your lease. Most leases have a specific date when they expire and need to be renewed. Make sure you know when this date is so you can start the renewal process in a timely manner.

Communicate with your landlord. Reach out to your landlord and let them know that you are interested in renewing your lease. You can do this through email, phone, or in person, depending on your preference and your landlord’s availability.

Negotiate the terms of the lease renewal. During this conversation, you can discuss any changes you’d like to make to the lease (e.g. increasing the rent, making changes to the property, etc.) and see if your landlord is willing to accommodate your requests.

Sign the renewed lease. If you and your landlord agree on the terms of the renewed lease, you’ll need to sign a new lease agreement. Be sure to read the entire lease carefully and ask any questions you have before signing.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can my landlord refuse to renew my lease?

Yes, in most cases, landlords have the right to refuse to renew a lease. However, they must provide a valid reason for doing so (e.g. the property is being sold, the landlord wants to move in, etc.). If your landlord refuses to renew your lease without a valid reason, you may have grounds to challenge their decision.

Can I negotiate the terms of my renewed lease?

Yes, you can try to negotiate the terms of your renewed lease. However, your landlord is under no obligation to agree to your requests. It’s important to be reasonable and respectful when negotiating, as your relationship with your landlord will likely continue for the duration of the renewed lease.

Can I be evicted if my landlord refuses to renew my lease?

If your landlord refuses to renew your lease, you will not be immediately evicted. However, once your lease expires, you will become a month-to-month tenant, which means you can be evicted with less notice than if you had a fixed-term lease. It’s important to be proactive and start looking for a new rental property if your landlord refuses to renew your lease.


Asking your landlord to renew your lease can be a straightforward process if you communicate effectively and negotiate in good faith. By following the steps outlined above and staying organized, you can successfully renew your lease and continue to call your rental property home. It is always better to plan ahead and start the renewal process in a timely manner to ensure a smooth transition.

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