3 Events Where You Should Hire A Photo Booth

Hiring a photo booth for your event, can really help to make it go with a swing. It can be an alternative to having a photographer or can be done alongside a photographer. AlexThere are often opportunities where having a photo booth can not only be a great way for photos but also add great entertainment at an event. Below are some examples of events where a photo booth can really make things more fun.

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Teenage Birthday Party

No one enjoys having more fun than teenagers. Having a birthday party for them means that they will tend to demand a lot of great things. They will want something different to what their friends have at their parties and something that everyone will really enjoy. Teenagers love having fun with their friends and they like having pictures taken. They are always taking pictures on their phones but having a photo booth will be better. Having all sorts of props to pose with will really capture their imagination as well and they will really enjoy the fun. Once one child has it for their party, all of their friends will be wanting to as well.

As well as the fact that it will be so much fun for them, it has the advantage of being able to produce great photos. These will be fantastic memories for your child of the party and for their friends that came.

Corporate Event

Corporate events can be difficult. Businesses like Sam Conveyancing, a Conveyancing Maidstone company know all too well the benefits of promoting their brand. Getting the balance between relaxing and socialising can sometimes be difficult. The events are often supposed to be a way to repay employees for their hard work or to allow them some social and relaxation time. However, when mixing with bosses and colleagues, it can be difficult to relax sometimes and so it can be good to have some things going on that helps with this.

Obviously, alcohol can help and as the time goes on people will relax more. However, having something fun, such as a photo booth can really help. It will give everyone something to talk about, because it is different to what you normally get at this sort of event and therefore could help to break the ice. It may also give everyone the chance to have pictures taken in their outfits and in a much less formal way than if there was a formal photographer.


Most people have a photographer at their wedding. It can be a great way to get formal pictures of the event. However, it is now common to put cameras on the tables and have the guests take pictures so that more unusual shots can be taken. Often the bride and groom will also ask guests to take pictures with their own phones or cameras and send them to them, so they get lots to choose from.

A way to get some extra pictures could be to hire a photo booth for a wedding. This will give people the opportunity to set up their own pictures and have a lot of fun. The pictures will be very different to the formal ones and can provide a great contrast. The booth can also provide some great entertainment for the guests.


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