Open a Startup: 10 tips to start a successful business

Open a Startup

Creativity and innovation are two essential prerogatives for any reality with the aim of inserting themselves positively into the modern market 4.0: opening a Startup is an activity that requires planning and organization since about 90% of innovative realities fail in the first two years following the opening.

The market surveys carried out by Fortune, Time Inc. magazine, leader in the global business sector, highlight the importance of careful planning in the development phase of a new business idea: to open a Startup and obtain significant results within the technological market it is essential to devise innovative and original business strategies.

To become a successful entrepreneur, no particularly important titles or funds are needed, but it is essential to develop a creative and innovative business project, capable of renewing or revolutionizing one’s market sector.

However, the original thought is not enough to start a successful business: in a wide and variable landscape like the modern one, a winning leader must be able to plan a detailed business strategy supported by an effective marketing technique.

Here are some simple tips to open a Startup and make significant profits with your business …

1) Identify an original business idea

Identifying a creative and winning idea is the first step to open a successful Startup: innovative thinking is undoubtedly an indispensable tool for new entrepreneurial activities with the aim of positioning itself positively within its sector. In order to do business and determine a concrete business idea, it is necessary to recognize a need, a need or a problem of one’s target audience and try to solve it: planning new products or optimizing them already on the market is without doubt a good starting point for try to produce something original and modern. A particularly effective technique for determining successful ideas is brainstorming, an innovative and creative scheme that allows to analyze multiple proposals easily determining the most exclusive and not yet present on the market.

2) Do market research

Behind every successful company there is a detailed market analysis and a qualified marketing strategy: examining the competition in its sector, identifying a potential target audience and planning possible collaborations with authoritative partners are indispensable activities to open a winning Startup. A well-structured market research is able to suggest to the entrepreneur which marketing strategy to adopt and which business ideas to promote: surveys and interviews aimed at the possible public or companies already established in their sector are essential tools to really understand what the requests from potential customers and how to best satisfy them.

3) Draw up a detailed business plan

To open a successful Startup it is necessary to design a specific and detailed project in which to summarize all the business information necessary to start up your own business. How to make a winning and convincing business plan? A decent business plan should not be particularly long and should present all the business data in a simple, intuitive and concise way. The business plan is not only a tool to direct its business and determine internal objectives, but it is the document with the aim of convincing investors and lenders about the uniqueness and effectiveness of their business idea.

4) Don’t consider just one idea: observe the real needs of the public

Entrepreneurs often limit their resources to a single business idea, not concretely considering the needs of their potential customers: it is essential to carry out repeated analyzes and surveys regarding the actual result that the company product / service could find within the reference. An idea that does not respond to market needs cannot detect positive results: it is essential to have the ability to modify one’s own projects, to identify new market needs and to constantly optimize one’s proposals.

5) Create a close-knit and collaborative team

To open a Startup capable of positioning itself positively within its target market, it is essential to build a team of qualified and efficient collaborators: choosing competent and experienced personnel is an indispensable activity to achieve success and to structure suitable business strategies. A collaborative and winning team is able to concretely realize the mission of the company translating it into success: the leader is the most important figure within a team, a personality able to organize the work and plan the activities of his colleagues. Communication and cooperation are the characteristics that distinguish a qualified work team: in order to ideally train their employees, team building activities are often necessary.

6) Think about how to get the finance for your business

Opening a Startup does not only mean identifying an innovative idea: planning the methodologies to obtain financing is undoubtedly the most concrete and difficult part of the start-up phase of a new activity. There are different solutions for starting a business: self-financing with own funds, finding Financial Investor or Venture Capitalist, relying on an incubator for Startups or using crowdfunding platforms.

7) Don’t be in a hurry: create a relationship of trust with investors

When a Startup does not have the resources to self-finance it must necessarily go to outside investors, but, as is known, requesting economic resources is not a simple activity: it is necessary to present a detailed business plan and highlight the concretely innovative characteristics of one’s idea. Building a relationship of trust with its investors can prove to be a fundamental activity to obtain trust and resources: it is advisable not to request direct financing during the first meeting, but rather to establish a relationship of mutual esteem.

8) Get feedback

An innovative idea is not the only tool necessary to open a winning Startup, an indispensable activity to deal with one’s reference market is the sharing of one’s business idea with the target audience: the opinions of potential customers can prove to be one fundamental tool to optimize its services / products, to align its proposal with current market demands and to actively promote the image of its corporate brand.

9) Define potential sales strategies

A winning Startup is defined by its own successes on the market, in other words by the sales of its products and services: it is essential to plan detailed marketing and communication strategies aimed at sales already in the start-up phase of its business. An original idea is a good starting point to open a Startup, a well-structured marketing and sales strategy is the real tool to reach an excellent goal.

10) Don’t stop optimizing your business

A successful entrepreneur is able to think about the potential improvements of his business already during the initial creation phase: constantly identifying margins of progress regarding his business proposal is indispensable not only for already well-structured companies, but also for Startup in start-up phase. Building a relationship of trust with your target audience is an indispensable activity to be able to optimize your products / services in order to increase corporate profits.

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Tony Jimenez

Tony Jimenez

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