Homemade pastry: How to start a cupcake business?

cupcake business

Nothing can stop you from starting your own business. If you are one of the people who likes to cook and loves baking, then think no more and start a cupcake business from home. Preparing these desserts and then selling them is very profitable, so there are more and more people decide to undertake in this area and they are doing very well.

And although, just over 8 years ago, cupcakes were only known in the United States, these provocative desserts are currently in great demand all over world. Therefore, this time, we will tell you how to start a cupcake business with right foot.

What do you need to undertake?

To start a cupcake business from home, you do not require technical preparation in gastronomy or pastry. But yes, you need to be creative and original. “You have to innovate to not bore the public and not to bore us,” says Paloma Casanave, founder of Miss Cupcakes.

And it’s the cupcakes themselves are a work of art. People just by seeing them, inside a box or through a showcase, do not hesitate to buy them just because they look pleasing to the eye.

Basic tools to make cupcakes

  • 12 cupcakes mold
  • Pyrotines (paper capsules)
  • Spatula
  • Pastry sleeves
  • Hand blender
  • Strainer
  • A baking scale
  • An oven

How to differentiate your product from the competition?

When starting your business you should keep in mind that cupcakes are just a format that consists of joining, in a pyrotin, various types of doughs and toppings. That is, you can create various types and varieties of cupcakes and this is the key to your business to be successful and stand out from the competition.

You have to use your creativity to the fullest and constantly innovate your products. Your business must be of high quality: be careful not only that your products are excellent, but also the taste, decoration and the way you answer your customers. In short, you must offer something that makes you unique so that they choose you and not the rest.

How to promote your business?

To start promoting your cupcake making and selling business from home, first make up a name and a fun logo for your business; With a name, people will know that you have prepared those delicacies, and the logo will help them to recognize you and remember you better, if they decide to buy you again.

It is recommended that you stamp the name and logo on the boxes or pyrotins where your cupcakes are placed.

Finally, keep in mind that social networks will be your fundamental allies to promote your business; mostly use Facebook. Create the fan page of your cupcake business and then upload images of the ones you prepare at home. You will see that quickly your products will expand through the network.

Tony Jimenez

Tony Jimenez

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