6 Billboard Outdoor Advertisements Still Relevant in 2022

Billboards have been around for a little over 150 years. Originally, they were based on poster advertisements. As billboards started becoming more popular, the ad itself would need to be assembled because they were made of 24 – 30 sheets in order to create a single image.

A billboard combines text with an image to highlight products or events. The purpose of the poster and billboard is to communicate a message to viewers. By placing them in areas where mass consumption is likely to occur, such as city squares. Here are six types of billboards from https://www.acepokies.com/new-online-casinos/ that are still relevant in 2022.

1. Classic or Bulletin Billboards

Classic billboards have been used for the purpose of advertising for a long period of time. These billboards are usually large in size and are most popularly known as bulletin boards. They are used on highways as well as streets where a significant number of people can see it. This includes both the pedestrians as well as people in their vehicles. The size of these billboards has increased with time due to the increase in the speed of motorized vehicles. As a result, people in moving vehicles can easily read through the advertised message without slowing down their vehicles. Classic billboards can be found in different sizes such as 14′ high x 48′ wide, 10.5′ high x 36′ wide, etc.

2. Vinyl Billboards

Vinyl billboards are bright in color and are usually spray painted with UV resistant paint. It has a life of three to five years and the material used is known as polyvinyl chloride. They are digitally painted banners made with the help of large inkjet printers. Vinyl banners are most commonly used as company logos or for any special events like the promotional campaigns usually run by some best paying online casino.

3. Painted Billboards

These billboards are very rare these days as they have been replaced by graphically printed billboards. Painted billboards are basically done by manually painting the advertised message and images on the billboards.

4. Mobile Billboards

Mobile billboards are used where the target audience is present at a large event. The billboard is placed on top of a moving vehicle and so, it can be seen wherever the vehicle moves. Mobile billboards are beneficial if you want to move your billboards from one place to another, unlike other static billboards.

5. Three-dimensional Billboards

These are the latest type of billboards which catch the eye of onlookers and are very artistic. They are designed in such a way that the image pops out and the emphasis on the product is more. For example, if you are advertising a new dish, you can make the dish pop out using this billboard so that there is more emphasis on the product rather than the rest of the billboard.

6. Wallscapes

Painted billboards, also known as wallscapes, are one of the first styles of advertising. Businesses hire an artist to paint a mural or ad on the side of a building. This style of billboard can be painted directly on the side of a building or attached directly to it. Metropolitan areas commonly use these to gain more exposure in oversaturated markets. This is a great way to advertise your building if you only need one or two billboards. Wallscapes are designed to be used for long-term exposure. A commonly seen form of these is “ghost signs” the old painted sign on the side of the building being preserved by the owner.

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