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When you pursue a goal, when you are convinced of its correctness, giving up fight can destroy confidence. In life there are situations when it is not necessary to go to the end, because the result may not be of much importance. But if this is what you sincerely want, then you must continue to fight, despite the obstacles.

When you are tearing through thorns, doubts are always born in your head …

  • It’s harder than I thought.
  • Why so long?
  • I can never cope with this.
  • I continue to fail for failure.
  • I can not. And what was I thinking?

How not to succumb to them and drive away? Here are 7 strategies …

1) Develop a way of thinking “I will not give up”

Do not give up – this is a way of thinking that you can develop in yourself. You need to constantly tell yourself the following:

  • I get more insistent when things get complicated.
  • I’ll find a new way.
  • Each problem has a solution and I have a great opportunity to find it.
  • Every day I get more knowledge and understanding about what works and what does not, which means that I’m becoming stronger and wiser.
  • Failures are temporary.
  • I’ll go through all this.
  • Think! What is better to do now?

In the beginning, it will seem to you that all these are just words, but gradually you will start to think precisely with such terms as “perseverance” and “willpower” – this will be the first step to the development of a new way of thinking.

2) Watch other people fighting steadfastly

We can learn a lot by watching others. And learning persistence is no exception. There are many great films that are based on real events, people who have faced incredible problems and insurmountable obstacles, but who have not left the game and won in the end.

For example, the film “In pursuit of happiness” will help you get the strongest motivation. There are so many people in the world who surrender, that you need stories in which a person refuses to give up. Tell yourself the following: “He did not give up, which means I should not.”

3) Go back to your “Why?”

One of the most important steps in setting a goal is to create a list of all the reasons why you want to achieve it. If you find that you do not have a strong enough reason to strive for a goal, then it is probably worth abandoning it. It is this “why” that is what motivates to continue, even if the situation becomes complicated.

When you want to quit the game, look at the list of reasons why you took this case. If necessary, supplement it. The more causes and the stronger they are, the more likely it is that you will finish what you started.

4) Find another “How?”

Persistence does not mean that you should do the same every time. Rather, if the approach is not working, try another one. Then the third, fourth, fifth – until you find a technique or strategy that works.

Tell yourself the following …

  • I refuse to give up, because I have not tried all possible ways.
  • The desire to give up everything is just a sign that another approach is needed.

5) Get on with something else

People love rewards. In fact, we are very passionate for this. When you have been working on achieving a goal for a long time, but efforts have not yet led you to any rewards, the temptation to surrender becomes extremely clear.

One way to get out of this situation is to take a break and tackle what will bring the reward very quickly. Each of us is in some way good. Remind yourself of what success is. Then let this success push you into other endeavors.

6) Failure is also a step forward

This is the skill that distinguishes the winner from the loser. Both make the same number of errors at the beginning of the path. The difference arises later, when the winner uses his failures to become better, and the loser complains about the fate.

7) Continue to punch defense

Even if you have not yet seen tangible results, keep pushing yourself. You do not know how much more you need to dig, but you clearly understand that you are moving in the right direction:

  • Bamboo plant spends five years just to lengthen and strengthen its roots. After that, it reaches a height of 25 meters in a short time.
  • You can knock a hammer on the rock a thousand times without a single crack. But when the crack appears, it will be possible to destroy the entire rock.

The fact that you did not get a tangible result after some work on the goal does not mean that nothing happens. You can be closer to achieving your dream than you think. Do not give up when you can be a few steps away from success. Continue to move.

We wish you good luck!

Gabriel Montgomery

Gabriel Montgomery

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