How does inbound marketing work?

Inbound Marketing

The competition for the keys for this type of business is simply mad. How do you promote this segment then? You can refer to the old believers and the gentiles: to use advertising in the media, telemarketing, distribution of leaflets, etc. But this is not as effective as in antiquity, and it is suitable only for those who have a budget for this. If there is no money, but there are brains, then inbound marketing will suit you perfectly.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is not about trying to steal everything in every corner of your plastic and glass, the most beautiful, cheap, high-quality, transparent, yet cheap, sky-blue, etc. For example, conduct a useful, visited blog about how to choose them, about the trends in the world of plastic windows. You shoot all sorts of videos, where employees of your company throw stones at the glass of different manufacturers and analyze the resulting cracks. Then you distribute all this for popularization through information channels. Potential buyers see your cool content. They understand that you really are fumbling in your business, and they bring you to the crowds.

Incoming marketing appeared in relatively recently. Steep specialists in this area can be counted on the fingers. Therefore, if you decide to develop a development strategy for your company based on inbound marketing, then you should know about the four main theses of this type of promotion.

4 whales successful inbound marketing strategy

Creative content

Your text materials and media products should be just as good as the goods or services that you offer. Come up with interesting forms of information, make it relevant and catchy. Although this all sounds horror as banal, but it is very important. Content marketing is a key point in inbound marketing.

The main error when creating content. Remember the typical student’s spring. Jokes about the wedding and the bath, the unsynchronous dances, ridiculous garters between the numbers, nevertheless the hall squeals with admiration, and all respect the creativity of these artists. So this is not creative. You need to present your product like this.

Inbound marketing works narrowly

Share materials, optimize pages only for the audience that needs it. Correctly pick up keys, visit thematic sites, actively work in social networks. Pay special attention to the last point. Inbound marketing effective most of all in the social. resources. There are many ways to properly lead a group, public, write in the news and stuff. The main thing when creating posts do not allow these errors.

  • Too much text;
  • Several links in one post;
  • Explicit advertising of products and services;
  • Ignoring negative comments;
  • Begging for likes and repost;
  • Long URLs.

In general, if there are such records in your group, then do not count on luck in business.

Correct work with visitors to the resource

Analyze what content they are interested in: where they click, what they look at, where, on the contrary, they immediately leave. Use the contact information that users leave on the pages of your site. Contact the most interested visitors and turn them first into potential buyers, and then into regular customers. This can be done through correspondence through the social network. network or email marketing. But do not be too intrusive and certainly do not force the user to buy something from you. Otherwise, you will be hated as well as those who are still sending letters of happiness.

Continuous improvement

Continually refine your inbound marketing strategy. Monitor results, promote customers in the sales funnel, improve business processes and proposals. The tastes and interests of the target audience are changing, and you have to match them.


The creation and development of the four above-mentioned processes must be carried out permanently and simultaneously. With a high-quality work on each of them, the user himself will not even notice how he wants to buy something from you. In general, incoming marketing can be compared with a slight unobtrusive subcategory to a girl. Therefore, the words of the great classic are better here anyway.

Gabriel Montgomery

Gabriel Montgomery

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