Amazon FBA For Beginners

Amazon FBA

Are you interested in becoming your own boss?

Do you want to appropriate your future and build a valuable asset that can become a profitable and scalable business?

If some of this is what you are looking for, you are in the right place! I have compiled a complete A2Z guide to sell on Amazon. You will not find a guide so easy to follow, so full of advice anywhere else on the internet.

Surely you have heard about Amazon once in your life and you have not wondered how it is done to sell on Amazon? And better yet, under its FBA model or “Fulfillment By Amazon“.

Through FBA, Amazon collects, saves, manages, arms and sends your product from its warehouses, to the final customer who bought your product from anywhere in the United States, if we buy from

You just send your products packed and ready to sell, to Amazon and they take care of the others …

Amazon FBA is also available in the other Amazon marketplaces, such as Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, Mexico, Etc.

An analogy, it would be like saying that Amazon is the biggest online mall you know, and that every day is crowded by thousands and thousands of buyers, who are very comfortable from their homes, ready with the credit card in hand and that you are a salesman inside that Shopping Center ready to take care of all that amount of daily traffic.

To sell on Amazon FBA you do not need to pay anything in advance or exorbitant monthly payments as you would have to do to have a physical store in that super shopping center.

If you want to know how to set up your own professional seller account on Amazon, keep reading this article.

What is Amazon FBA and why is it different from Amazon affiliations?

The business model of amazon FBA Fulfillment by Amazon   in the American territory is really going strong, it is coming true to the dream of thousands of people who have always wanted to run their own business but could not afford it.

One of the main problems for an activity in addition to substantial investment and initial risk is to have to manage and support the cost of a warehouse for the goods and / or a physical store where you can sell it (hoping that someone will buy it).

Amazon FBA in practice has literally zeroed out these problems, allowing anyone to start their own business and from the comfort of their own home, without worrying about …

  • Rent and manage a warehouse
  • Rent or buy a physical store
  • Get to know and win the trust of customers
  • Investing tens of thousands of dollars

A nice advantage, no? This is one of the reasons why this is an incredible opportunity to enter into play with this system also in the market.

Essentially the operation of the Amazon FBA business model is very simple and I will try to explain it as clearly as possible.

Amazon makes available its warehouse in one of the best logistics points for your needs, where it takes care of storing and shipping the goods in your place, without you doing anything.

But the strong point of this system of profit with Amazon is that to sell your products you will use the Amazon’s already established purchase network.

In other words, you will sell your products through Amazon managing your store from your home and trusting that in any case people trust Amazon and buy us, this means that it will be easier for you to sell your product.

Earning with Amazon FBA in fact as well as being more profitable than any other type of business is much simpler, you just have a good idea, find an interesting product to sell and present it to Amazon, the rest will do him and his great audience.

The advantages of Amazon FBA are the following …

  • No warehouse and physical store to manage (Amazon gives it to you and their employees manage it)
  • No orders to prepare and no shipment to be made (Amazon takes care of it)
  • Larger customer range (the whole world can buy your products from Amazon)
  • Trust your potential customers (people trust Amazon and spend their money)
  • More free time and less stress (while Amazon works for you, you can spend your time doing and thinking about other businesses)

How to sell on Amazon FBA for beginners

1) Find a product to sell that is already selling well with very few competitors in the market.

2) Find suppliers that manufacture your product. I recommend requesting quotes from 10-15 suppliers and request samples.

3) Negotiate with suppliers about the price and place an order with the supplier that best suits the needs of your business.

4) Create a list of products and start marketing your product beforehand.

5) When your product arrives at the Amazon dispatch center, launch your product.

6) Use the first promotional sales to accelerate the position of your product in the search engine and get quick reviews.

7) Activate pay per click advertising campaigns and track ad costs.

We will go into a little more detail with each step, so that you understand a little better.

Find a product

First you need to find a product to sell.

Product ideas can come from anywhere. When you’re in a mall, when you’re in your office, or maybe when you’re … The best thing you can do is create a long list of product ideas, say 50, and then you can limit it from there.

The approach I recommend is to find products that are already selling well and we can verify the sale of that same product, perhaps with a slight modification and then add your logo and brand.

The guidelines I always advise is that the product is lightweight and small in size, so the shipping costs will be cheap and the FBA rates as well.

Find a provider

The ideal would be to contact 10-15 different providers. Now you want to ask them different questions such as …

Do you offer a sample?

How much does it cost to send a sample to my country?

How much does 500 units cost?

How much do 1000 units cost?

Can I make a first order of only 200 units and how much for that?

And then, if there is something specific you want to change with that product, can you make this product comply with this specification? E.G. Can you make it this size or out of this material?

You have to ask all these questions at the same time when you get in touch with a provider so that you do not back off and go back by email. Now evaluate your answers.

Write down all the prices you have been given. Some things to keep in mind, providers will often ask you to continue the conversation via Skype or by email, this is totally normal.

Expect to pay between $50-$100 US for a sample. I know this sounds a lot, but it’s the cost of doing business.

Now you have to aim to obtain at least 2-3 samples from different suppliers, in this way, you can compare the quality and see which one you like the most.

The earlier you get these samples, the sooner you can move forward. When you are satisfied with the sample and the supplier, go on and tell them you want to make your first order.

Create your listing

Make sure you have quality images of your product, you can hire a professional photographer or take them out yourself if you have a good camera and you know how to take photos. The main image should always be with a white background (Amazon Rules)

Include the most important keywords of your product in the title, and the secondary ones in the Bullet Points and description.

Launch your product

With this I do not mean that you throw it out the window, no. I mean you have to do a discount promotion to get sales speed and upload positions, because when you upload your listing no one can find it since it will be sunken on page 7493049305904.

Next to the promotion it is convenient that you make an advertising campaign (PPC), to get even more speed.

Understand that this process will make you lose money, but that’s the way business is, you have to invest first.

Once you are on page 1 you will have organic sales and start earning money.

Never run out of Stock!

This is key, you have to foresee when you will have to make another request to your supplier to not run out of stock.

Out of Stock = 0 Sales Speed = You will lower positions.

These are the basic points that every future Amazon salesman has to know. If you want to go deeper with this process, learn more about amazon marketing and become 0 to Amazon’s professional salesperson.


Tony Jimenez

Tony Jimenez

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