Benefits of a Business Having a Qualified First Aider

The benefits of a business having a qualified first aider are well documented. First aiders perform an essential service in a way which brings an immediate benefit to the casualty, and can help to identify problems early, prevent problems occurring, reduce stress and trauma and boost the confidence of the workplace.

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There is often a great deal of difference of opinion regarding who performs the actual job of first aid. For example, some people feel that it is best left to professionals while others feel that first aid is something that can be taught to everyone and should be open to a wide range of employees.

Of course, there are numerous benefits for a business having a qualified first aider on its staff. Having someone trained to provide immediate emergency assistance when required, is a great boost to a business, the staff on site and can reduce the risks for the business of having injured and unwell staff. They will also be in charge of having appropriate first aid supplies and the essential logging of incidents in a company’s incident book. Find out more about First Aid At Work Cheltenham at a site like

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A first aider plays an important role in coordinating all aspects of the initial treatment process and acts as an essential link between the casualty and professional healthcare workers if they are called to attend. First aiders have the knowledge and experience to deal with a wide range of situations. They may need to manage a serious injury so should receive thorough emergency first aid at work training.

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