5 Essential things to have results in your business

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Have you ever wondered why some people, who apparently do the same thing as you, have results in your business and you still do not?

The answer is that although it seems that they do the same, it is NOT like that; and, in this case, I do not mean that your business model is different or that you work with another niche or with other techniques, but rather a series of attitudes that are key to having results in your business.

Here we write 5 keys to have results in your business


your businessThis is one of the main reasons why your business if it is your case, does not have the results you want. The excuses that prevent you from doing what you have to do, either raise your prices, change the structure of your services, delegate, learn to sell, hire a mentor, ask for recommendations, keep your accounts up to date, etc.

There are many examples at this point, you know that there are things that have to be done and I know that you know it because many people write to me saying “I already know what I should … but …”. If you want results you have to do what you know you have to do. Either speak in public (but you’re embarrassed), raise your prices (but what will they say), hire an expert or delegate (but I do not want to spend money), etc. Forget the buts and do what you have to do. Continue reading: 11 Crucial tactics to create a successful business


This is something that I always insist on and that I work hard with my clients. In order for your business to go well, you have to have a plan, a strategy that helps you stay focused, know what to do in each moment and avoid wasting time.

It does not work to sit in front of the computer and see what happens to you today. You have to be clear about your objectives and the strategies you will use to achieve them. So start planning what results in you want to achieve this year, or this quarter or this month. As you organize yourself better. This step is fundamental, do not postpone it anymore. Set yourself an economic goal and from there create your strategy. And if you do not know how to do it, seek help.


your businessIf you want your business to work you have to be the number one fan of your services. You have to believe blindly that they are exceptional, that they bring a lot of value and that they can help your client. And this is key when you transmit confidence in what you do and in the value you offer, it shows and generates instant confidence because you do not need to press anyone.

I have no problem in saying no to someone if I consider that my services are not what you need. If I think I can help you, I tell you and if not, too. However, if you are desperate to get clients and offer something knowing that it is not going to help you, you do it and do it a disservice. If you doubt yourself, question or discount your prices, what image do you give? I certainly would not tell someone who was not convinced of how good it is what it offers.

There are many people with this problem, who do not believe themselves that their service really helps. And that’s why you think it’s annoying or that you press. Now you know what the alternative is and, again, if you are not able to see the value of what you offer, look for someone to help you or you will never have the results that you truly deserve.


There are many people who create services thinking of themselves, “what I like and what I think will work”. Garrafal error. You have to find the perfect combination of what you like. What you are very good at and what your client wants (not what you think you need). That is the key to enjoy what you do (it does not make sense to offer something you do not like because of much demand) and for your business to have benefits.

No matter how good what you offer and however much you know it if others do not want it or do not see it necessary, you will be left empty-handed. So stop thinking only about yourself and start to find out what your client really wants.


If you want your business to take off once if you want to get out of stagnation and start having results or drastically improve the ones you have now, an essential requirement is to spend money on your business.

Many people do not want to hear this and think that they can do everything for free. You can not. Maybe you can get to a certain point, but from there you need to invest in your business. When you accept it first, plan and do it, before you will have results.

your businessIt can be in a category web page, in a virtual assistant, in a mentor, in a course to learn to attract clients or in everything at the same time. Time is limited and your knowledge too. If you do not want to invest in your own business, why would someone else do it?

Why is someone going to hire you as a coach if you have never wanted to spend a hard one on yourself (and I’m not worth the practices of the course or your friend coach who does it for free)? Why is someone going to hire you as a marketing consultant if you do not want to spend a hard time on yourself?

Think carefully and if you really are not willing to spend anything. Maybe having a business is not your best option.

In my experience with my own business and with my clients these five attitudes are key to having better and better results and to see progress. Which one would you add?

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