4 types of warehouse storage systems

The efficiency and functionality of a warehouse owes a great deal to the type of storage systems it uses. Here are some of the different types of storage system that can be found in warehouses:

Pallet Racking – This type of storage is often found in the largest and busiest warehouses. A system of pallet racking is usually the centrepiece of the entire operation. The racking might be made of steel, wood or plastic and can be designed to hold large boxes that are lifted into place using a forklift. For more information on forklifts and Electric Pallet Trucks Ireland, visit Forklift and Pallet Trucks, a supplier of solutions for Electric Pallet Trucks Ireland.

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Static Shelving – This type of storage remains in one place and is often designed for more lightweight goods. This system is ideal for a warehouse where goods are replenished often. As static shelving is not designed for use with forklifts, it is better for lightweight goods that can be picked and stored by hand.

Mobile Shelving – This system is ideal for areas of limited space that need to store lightweight inventory. It is adjustable and can hold more goods in a smaller space. The shelves are mounted on tracks or rails and can be manually or mechanically adjustable. Some are available with locking capabilities for access control to inventory.

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Multi-tier Racking – This system is perfect for maximising vertical space and for large amounts of stock of a smaller size. The flexibility of the system means that layers can be added or removed depending on inventory levels at different times.

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